Brett Quigley was a red-hot player at the outset of 2020. He won in Morocco, tied for ninth in the Chubb Classic, and was third in Phoenix … and then COVID hit, halting all of his momentum. It seemed to be an incredibly bad break for a player who had waited patiently to turn 50 and compete again. But as he reflects on it more than a year later, he sees the time off as a true blessing. 

“Definitely when it happened, I felt that I was on a roll, and doing a lot of things well. Now, a year later, looking back, (it was) a great time to be at home, be with my kids, check back in with that instead of all of a sudden playing a lot of events after I’d been home for so long. 

“I think I got the best of both worlds. I had a great stretch at the right time, and when I came back, I started playing well again. I feel like I’m trending in the right direction. I realize that COVID-19 has been awful for a lot of families, but for me, it was great to get some time with my kids and connect with them.” 

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