Mobile Ticket Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Using Your Mobile Tickets

All tickets for the 2023 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship on Fields Ranch East at PGA Frisco will be issued, accessed and presented for admission digitally through the AXS Mobile App. Follow the steps below and review our frequently asked questions to learn more about accessing, transferring, and using your mobile tickets.

  • Accessing & Using Your Tickets
    Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more about how and where to access and use your mobile tickets.
  • Transferring Your Mobile Tickets
    Transferring your mobile tickets to a friend or family member is easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Have a specific question? Check out a full list of frequently asked ticket questions.

How to Access & Use Your Mobile Tickets

You will have received an email (from sender informing you that your mobile tickets have been delivered to your AXS Mobile ID.

You must download the AXS Mobile App and sign-in to your AXS Account (the same one you used to purchase the tickets) to access your tickets.

Download the AXS Mobile App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Do not forward this email to transfer your tickets. You must download the AXS Mobile App and follow the steps below to transfer a ticket through the app.

The use of tickets is subject to the event's Terms & Conditions.

Open the AXS Mobile App and Sign-In with your username and password.

This is the same username and password you signed in with when you purchased your tickets. If you cannot remember your password, please use the “Forgot Password?” feature to reset it. To do this, enter your email address used to purchase the tickets, and send a link to reset your password.

Ticket-transfer recipients must also download the AXS Mobile App and create a new account, unless they have a pre-existing AXS Account.

The first time you sign in on the AXS Mobile App, you will be asked to Verify Your Email. Please click the Send Email button to send a verification email. Once your email is verified, please return back to the AXS Mobile App.

View tickets to upcoming Championship days in the tickets tab and tap the initials icon to view your AXS Mobile ID.

Please note: AXS Mobile ID on the AXS Mobile App is the only form of entry into the Championship. Do not screenshot and share or attempt to print out your Mobile ID tickets.

If you do not have access to a smartphone, please visit the Championship Admissions Office(s) with a copy of your order confirmation and a valid ID that matches the name on the ticket order.

Before you leave for the Championship, please make sure you have downloaded the AXS Mobile App and signed into your account.

At the entrance, scan your Mobile ID and redeem the amount of tickets you are using on that day. Please note, for security purposes your Mobile ID refreshes every 60 seconds to a new QR code so any screenshot or print out will not scan valid. At the gate you must present the Mobile ID in the app for admission.

Review the Transfer Guide for steps on how to transfer tickets within the AXS Mobile App, if you and your guests are arriving separately.

How to Transfer Your Mobile Tickets

To transfer tickets, you must open the AXS Mobile App and navigate to your AXS Mobile ID screen.

Once you have your Mobile ID pulled up, click the transfer button.

You cannot transfer a ticket by forwarding the ticket email or taking a screenshot of the Mobile ID.

After clicking the transfer button on the Mobile ID screen, you will be prompted to confirm the ticket you wish to transfer.

You will need the first name, last name, and email address of the recipient of the tickets. You may also add a message to the recipient.

Tickets can only be transferred one time by the ticket holder. Each ticket in the AXS Mobile ID may only be scanned at the gate once for admission into the Championship.

An email notification will be sent to the transfer recipient immediately after you transfer your tickets.

The recipient will receive an email letting them know they need to create an AXS Account to claim the tickets. If they already have an AXS Account, the tickets will be transferred automatically.

You will also receive an email notification once you have transferred your tickets. You can also view your Transfers on the Tickets screen with the AXS Mobile App.

If a guest already has an AXS Account, the tickets will be transferred instantaneously. Otherwise, you have the option to cancel a transfer until the guest creates an account. Guests can always send tickets back.

You can also transfer tickets within your PGA Fan Account by signing in with your AXS account, selecting the ticket(s) you wish to transfer and entering recipient details.

Accessing your PGA Fan Account from a laptop or desktop is recommended for the best experience.

Please note: PGA Fan Account can be used to view or transfer tickets, but AXS Mobile ID on the AXS Mobile App is the only form of entry into the championship.